Every day I come across photographs that are beautiful, startling, or funny. Sometimes - they are examples of fabulous photography but more often - they are photos of places or things I simply find appealing. And these days the effects are so good I cannot tell if a photo has been altered or enhanced. But if I like it, I like it. I decided to create a place where I could share them with other people. I should go on record saying - I think almost any kitten is a cute kitten, and I'm a sucker for a pretty flower. Oh, my name is BetteJo, I've been called a crazy cat lady, and I bead. Welcome!
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Sunday, April 12, 2009

I say - if you can't beat 'em, might as well join 'em!

Either - no fear of heights - or he just hasn't noticed yet!

Seriously, I'm not sure if this is an otter or a seal -
but I DO know - OMG it's cute!!!

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LadyBanana said...

Ohhh the cat on the high ledge gives me a funny feeling...

BetteJo said...

Me too Lady B! Me too!

Susannah said...

LOVE this little swimmer guy! Oh those eyes!